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I think if your partner has had partners in the past ( which most have ) you would probably guess that they had some kind of sexual relationship with them.I dont ask about anyones past sexual relationships, I cant see what I would gain by knowing something like that..

Every day I would hear "when me and ***** were together" or "when me and ***** split up" I got totally F**cked off with it to be honest.I think the term.. The past is the past and thats where it should be kept...because I've anything to hide but it can only cause problems if the answer isnt the one they wanted to hear.anyway, I've lost count so couldnt answer it (thats a joke just in case some dont realise it)who i have been with in the past i find it of no concern to my present partner - i wouldn't want to know who he has been with either - in any case, i can still count me relationships on one hand, and all of the lads know each other well, anyway I like to be honest, but don't see the point of knowing how many people she slept with.But then if i don't answer, they think i'm hiding something, and that i've slept with loads and loads. I would however answer and tell the truth, if they could give me a valid reason of why they want to know.I don't want to know about my boyfriends sexual past. When i'm with a new guy, then it's about building things up between us. I don't see why anyone would lie about sex etc if they are starting a new sexual relationship - unless of course your last sexual partner was called "Dolly" and is great served with mint sauce. I have nothing to hide, after all - I don't claim to be a virgin!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your how many people are really honest about your sexual past, with your present/last relationship, it is a question you do tend to get to, while building your it right to think that was before and past history, and express that view, are you truthful regardless of the amount you may of slept with or not sleptdo you knock a few, or a lot off, do you really want to know how many people your partner has been with, would you want the truth, if it was a large amount, or do you not worry about the persons past, I personally think that the past is past, but if a partner insisted , then i would tell the truth I think the truth is important..................................I have told my partner EVERYTHING about my past volentarily.... I think its important to tell a new partner (especially if its a strong relationship) What your sexual habits was like....

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