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I asked them about doing a rack instead, and he said he'd talk to the techs but he was sure they could figure something out.

Well, I'm glad the techs actually considered the problem and listened to my feedback instead of going ahead with some sort of half-arsed option that might ultimately damage the fiberglass shell. I just wish one of them had been present when we dropped off the van, in which case we could have just brought it back home again and saved us all a week of going back and forth.

I guess we'd mount it directly to the rack, instead of the standard mounting it to the rain gutter, but I need to figure out the logistics before we pull the trigger.

We both love the extra height of being able to walk around inside with the hightop.

However, dealing with the leaky vent and trying to figure out a good way to mount stuff has made me a little bit envious of the tintops._________________'82 Diesel Westy w/Adventurewagen High Topa quick note, even though i noticed these posts were from october, grease works in corvallis oregon make a great drivers side mount that leaves lots of room for the turbo.

i have had mine in for 3 years now and it solved a lot of troubles for me. I've been poking around here and there for electrical stuff (I realize now that I have all the right components but no idea how to actually hook up our new house electrical stuff) and solar panel mounting options...

correct, but they've already got 3 different AW templates on file, so all I had to do was check our measurements.

Bu konuya 90 günden daha uzun süredir cevap yazılmamış.

Son mesaj tarihi 3 ayı geçmiş konulara cevap yazmanız durumunda mesajınız silinebilir, uyarı alabilirsiniz.

Now, with mine, they've got four on file - one of my measurements matched the smallest template, while the other matched the largest. They use marine grade aluminum with a clear anodized finish, and they use tempered glass instead of lexan for the window part.

I'll definitely post up pics once we get it, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Ordered the curtains yesterday, and 3-4 weeks on that.

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