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Secularist scientists want us to accept their circular arguments and improbable assumptions as scientific fact, despite the fact these same scientists often push aside the scientific method itself.

Using the various types of radioisotope decay as clocks does not produce consistent results, nor are those results verifiable by observational evidence.

To place an ad in a magazine, call the number in the classified section and dictate your ad over the phone.To optimize isochron construction, local probes with high and contrasting Sm/Nd ratios have been sampled from the polished surfaces of two samples, taking into account the REE pattern of zonal fluorite.Sm–Nd isochron dating has been carried out separately for each sample.The mean age of fluorite based on two isochron datings is 135.3 ± 1 Ma.Comparison of this value with the most precise dating of pitchblende related to the ore stage in the Strel’tsovka ore field (135.5 ± 1 Ma) shows that four mineralization stages, distinguished by geological and mineralogical data, that were completed with the formation of polychrome fluorite veins 135.3 ± 1 Ma ago, represent a single and indivisible hydrothermal process whose duration does not exceed 1 Ma.

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