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The charismatic appeal of the sports star supposedly leads to an acceptance of the endorsement, although the individual may have little real credibility outside the sports arena.

Abuse is possible when someone that is likable, yet lacks integrity and honesty, rises to power, placing them in a situation to gain personal advantage at the cost of the group's position.

Referent power is the power or ability of individuals to attract others and build loyalty.

It is based on the charisma and interpersonal skills of the power holder.

Nationalism and patriotism count towards an intangible sort of referent power.

People who abuse reward power can become pushy or be reprimanded for being too forthcoming or 'moving things too quickly'.Conceived this way, power is fundamentally relative – it depends on the specific understandings A and B each apply to their relationship, and, interestingly, requires B's recognition of a quality in A which would motivate B to change in the way A intends.A must draw on the 'base' or combination of bases of power appropriate to the relationship, to effect the desired outcome.As subject matter experts, their ideas will have more value, and others will look to them for leadership in that area.Reward power depends on the ability of the power wielder to confer valued material rewards, it refers to the degree to which the individual can give others a reward of some kind such as benefits, time off, desired gifts, promotions or increases in pay or responsibility.

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Further bases have since been adduced – in particular by Gareth Morgan in his 1986 book, Images of Organization.

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