How to become dating companion

But I'd like her to have company a few hours about 2days a week.

Does ADA apply to companions to elders with disabilities? Thanks LA Ponciroli We have this set up for my father to ensure he eats and remembers to take his meds.

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Elder companions -- sometimes called home companions, who also cater to a younger population -- do just what the name implies: provide company for people who live alone, especially those who are homebound because of frailty or dementia.

Most importantly, these companions function as an extra set of hands, eyes, and feet to the person you care for when you can't be there.

Let a trusted friend know where you’re going and with whom! (One commenter’s dad was angry when she told him that she’d be traveling with someone his age, but it felt good to be honest.

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I am disabled and have a friend who stays and helps at home and driving in exchange for room and board. I was fortunate to hire a family friend, so I didn't have to worry about vetting or references.

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