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In fact, many caterers create splendid and delicious menus for those with dietary restrictions; and the dishes often taste so good that enjoys them.Some people must avoid foods made from gluten for medical or other dietary-related reasons.

This time of year, berries and stone fruit are so ripe and juicy and a little drizzle of honeyed yogurt makes them feel downright regal. Plus, they can be served warm or room temperature so it's easy to prepare a big batch ahead of time and cover them until guests arrives.Here are a few menu ideas that have worked for us lately — great dining outside recipes that are simple to pull together and often please all kinds of eaters.And of course, I'd love your tips or recipe ideas for friends with allergies or food aversions.The internet also provides hundreds of delicious gluten-free recipes they can easily prepare.Lactose intolerance is a condition in which people experience digestive discomfort or pain after eating or drinking milk or products made from milk.

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